Logistics - Protecting temperature sensitive cargo

Airport Ramp Protection

SoftBox® SilverSkin™ insulating covers, fitted temporarily over the security net on cargo transiting between the warehouse aircraft and, are designed to provide protection against short term exposure to uncontrolled ambient temperatures such as those encountered in direct sunlight or negative temperature wind conditions.

SoftBox® SilverSkin™ thermal covers provide an insulating barrier that reduces temperature exchange between the product and its external ambient environment maintaining a more stable air temperature under the insulating cover which helps help reduce the risk of temperature spikes whilst cargo is stationary or transiting on the ramp.

Cookie Sheet / PAG / PMC Thermal Covers

SoftBox® SilverSkin™ thermal covers are designed to ensure that temperature sensitive air cargo positioned on PAG or PMC cookie sheets for air transport remains protected from the risk of temperature excursion when exposed to spikes in ambient temperature whilst on the ramp and to provide a stable temperature whilst in upper deck or lower deck positions whilst onboard the aircraft.

PAG / PMC covers are  available as pre-formed covers, or as material rolls ready for custom application

Insulated Air Cargo Solutions

Whether exposed to harsh direct sunlight or extreme freezing wind chill conditions, SoftBox® SilverSkin™ supplies a range of air cargo solutions for protection of time and temperature sensitive freight.
Ramp only or whole journey, PMC covers, upper deck or lower deck, pre-manufactured or insulation rolls, SoftBox® SilverSkin™ offers a selection to suit

Ocean Freight

When shipping temperature sensitive products by sea, the need to insure temperature stability for extended durations is paramount. Softbox SilverSkin™ shipping container liners are designed to stabilise product temperatures during transport. 

By creating a thermal barrier inside the shipping container Softbox SilverSkin™ container liners provide an insulating barrier against UV radiation and exposure to windchill. Additionally they also help significantly reduce the risk of condensation forming inside the container during transport.

Manufactured from high performance insulation materials Softbox SilverSkin™ container liners ensure repeatable thermal protection for your temperature sensitive ocean freight shipments.

Thermal Performance Tested

 Extensive testing within our calibrated environmental test chambers ensures that all Softbox SilverSkin™ products perform in line with their intended application. Performance reports available.

Example products

Air Cargo Covers

Air Cargo Pallet Covers

Pallet covers

ULD Liners

Container Liners

Airport Ramp Covers
For more information on pricing, availability and performance, contact us today.

For more information on products, performance, availability and pricing, contact us now.

Softbox® SilverSkin™ Thermal covers are recognised market leading range of pallet covers, container liners and other temperature protective solutions