TP3 Global Technical Centre

Research | Development | Performance Testing | Customer Testing

TP3 Global Technical Centre

Research | Development | Performance Testing | Customer Testing

TP3 Global Technical Centre

Will thermal covers work? We understand that you need proof and guidance to help with your decision-making process, so we support with:

  • An extensive library of performance test data
  • Use of calibrated environmental test chamber facilities
  • Computer simulation software

TP3 has invested considerable resources into developing the TP3 Global Technical Centre, one of the leading facilities in the industry to support customer needs.

Led by Kevin Valentine as Chief Technical Officer, a team of specialists focus on:

  • Material research
  • Product development
  • Extensive performance testing
  • Customer support services
    • Environmental chamber testing
    • Supply chain route analysis with simulation software etc.

Material Research

Developing compact and sustainable materials with higher performance is core to our customer needs and very much a focus of our everyday material research activities.

R-Value Research

Our specialist in-house equipment enables us to accurately test materials for thermal conductivity, providing us with intimate knowledge of material characteristics.

Product Development

Once tested and validated, materials are developed into product solutions for our clients. They are taken through an induction process and robust testing before being released to market.

Professional Environmental Test Chambers

Our own in-house environmental test chambers allow us to test a range of product sizes, configurations and load mass, either in thermal shock stress test conditions, or programmed temperature profiles. This provides us with an extensive library of test data that can be used to help our customers decide which materials and solutions may suit their needs.

Chamber testing allows controlled comparison testing as well as an indication to real-world performance when payloads are exposed to excessive temperatures in shaded parts of the supply chain (e.g. aircraft hold, truck, container, warehouse).

Direct Sunlight Testing

Our facilities in Pune, India, allow us the capability of direct sunlight testing in harsh conditions. This allows us to test and share how effective our solutions can be in real world situations.

Simulation Software

Programming supply chain route temperature profiles (including direct sun elements) and load configurations into the system, allows us to guide which levels of thermal protection can be used to keep goods between the correct temperature limits. 

Performance Test Data Library to Support GDP Risk Based Approach

TP3 Global has built a library of performance test data to help Supply Chain Management select the correct thermally protective materials and have test data on record for Quality Assurance purposes. 

For all SilverSkin™ materials we have qualification summary reports for tests at +40°C, -10°C and direct sunlight, in both ‘top only’ and ‘top and base’ pallet cover configurations.


Robust Test Process – Worst Case Scenario (Low Mass / Corner Monitor Positions)

Temperature monitors are placed at corners so as to demonstrate ‘worst case scenario’ in line with Quality Assurance requirements. Only 20% mass is used for standard benchmarking stress tests, which provides an indication of thermal performance.

Data Monitor Positioning

Vastly different thermal performance results can be obtained depending on where temperature monitors are placed in the pallet load. Please see our special report on understanding monitor positioning to help you get the best out of your test data.

Temperature-Monitor-Positions-Affect-Temperature-Readings-Overview-3 (1)

Wide Range of Insulation Materials

Our range is designed with a balance of performance and budget. A wide range of materials, with various performances and operational characteristics are available to suit most situations.

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