Air Cargo Covers

Our Silverskin™ thermal protective air cargo covers are designed to help protect your temperature-sensitive cargo in transit.

Silverskin™ insulated thermal PMC covers, AKE liners and other Air cargo covers guard against short temperature spikes that can threaten your products’ integrity and efficacy.

Whether exposed to intense solar radiation or severe wind chill conditions, every product in our air cargo range is manufactured to protect time- and temperature-sensitive freight during loading and unloading. Should you need it, we have experts on hand to help you find a suitable match for your temperature sensitive shipment.

Manufactured from a range of protective insulation materials and grades to suit different performances and budgets, our portfolio comprises wide range of air cargo covers that ensure high-performance thermal protection for your airfreight shipments . Each innovative solution is geared to align with GDP regulations, minimise environmental impact and reduce stock wastage.

As pioneers in materials technology, we carefully select our solutions to best serve your performance and shipping needs. Our experienced teams assist with all the different thermal considerations relating to load mass, product mass, packaging configuration, sunlight differentials, windchill and exposure. We can provide risk analysis supported by an extensive library of hot, cold

and sunlight performance test data. And we’ll supply what you need via multiple local sites in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, India and Australia.


Temperature protection

Minimal Storage requirements

Tamper Evident security barrier

Water Resistant

Highly reflective

Various grades and thicknesses

Security/theft protection

Protects during on and off-loading

SilverSkin™ Material Range

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Softbox® SilverSkin™ Thermal covers are recognised market leading range of pallet covers, container liners and other temperature protective solutions