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TP3 Global designs and manufactures a range of thermal packaging solutions used as insulation for temperature sensitive freight and cargo. We have a wide range of reflective insulation materials that vary in thermal performance, operational characteristics and price. 

  • SilverSkin and SilverQuilt materials tend to be used for single and limited re-use products
  • PalletQuilt and CargoQuilt tend to be limited re-use as well as extended reuse.
  • Polartherm products tend to be for extended reuse.

Most of the available material can be used to manufacture the various designs and solutions seen below:

Box Insulation (Liners and Covers)

No matter what size box, we can be your designer and supplier of insulated box liners and covers. Our fully automated in-house CAD cutting table is capable of producing 1000’s of pieces within a short lead time. 

The SilverSkin bubble foil Insulated box liners and covers are used within the pharmaceutical and perishable industry, often as secondary thermal packaging supporting primary insulation. 

Whilst providing protection against temperature fluctuation, the bubble also provides valuable impact resistance.

Material Options: 

  • SilverSkin PB250 (3mm bubble floil)
  • SilverSkin PB500 (7mm bubble floil)
  • SilverSkin Quattro (13mm bubble foil)

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Insulated Drum Covers

Various size drum covers are designed and supplied. Insulated drum covers are used within the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries to protect raw materials and liquids that have to be kept between certain temperature limits.

Please let us know your drum specification so we can provide further guidance and pricing.

Materials Options: SilverSkin PH300, SilverSkin PB250, SilverSkin PB500, SilverSkin Quattro

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Thermal Pallet Covers and Wraps – Single / Multiple Use

Reflective thermal insulated pallet covers are the backbone of our business. We supply to many of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the world, having been through robust qualification criteria and supplier audits. We also supply the perishable, drinks and chemical sectors. 

Users can purchase pre-made covers, insulation kits, or rolls of material to protect pallets with a range of sizes, UK, EU or USA at various heights.

  • Our SilverSkin covers are mainly used to protect pallets of temperature-sensitive goods travelling through air cargo supply chain routes, typically single use
  • Our thicker SilverQuilt multi-layer insulation is primarily aimed at protection for 15-25C pharmaceutical cargo, typically single use.

All materials have been through extensive chamber testing with low mass (20%) at +40C and -10C to demonstrate potential protection performance.


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Air Cargo Pallet Cover (PMC/PAG – Under Net)

TP3 Global has a comprehensive range of air cargo thermal protection solutions used for the insulation of freight placed on PMC and PAG pallets.

Users can purchase pre-designed ‘easy-fit’ covers, kits or rolls of insulation depending on what best suits warehouse operations.

SilverSkin and SilverQuilt air cargo covers tend to be single-use, the PalletQuilt PMC thermal blankets for multiple use.

  • The SilverSkin P150 material is an excellent reflector of direct sunlight, extremely robust and strong to cope with warehouse conditions and very easy material to work with when covering a large PMC / PAG pallet.
  • The SilverSkin PB500 and Quattro material are aluminium foil bubble based and ideal where more insulation is required as well as sunlight reflection.
  • SilverQuilt covers use thicker multi-layer materials and are designed for 15-25C protection.
  • The PalletQuilt solution is manufactured from tough materials which enable extended reuse and fit well into closed loop operations.

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Air Cargo Ramp Cover Protection (Over Net)

The RU700 Ramp Cover has been specially designed with airlines for protection of air cargo between the warehouse and aircraft.

The multi-use cover fits over the PMC/PAG pallet net and is removed before loading into the aircraft, then sent back to the warehouse for reuse.

Ramp covers are also used to protect incoming freight, being placed on the pallet load as it comes off the aircraft, shielding product from direct sunlight and hot or cold ambient temperatures.

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Insulated Thermal Container Liners

Line the inside of containers to reduce temperautre variance through the supply chain. The QPS reusable CargoQuilt container liners come in a variety of forms to suit budget and operational requirements. Single use container liners can be constructed from SilverSkin rolls of bubble foil such as the PB250, PB500 and Quattro. 

Note: SilverSkin thermal pallet covers are used within ocean reefer containers to protect against temperature fluctuation during unplugged durations of docking.

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TP3 Global (A Softbox company) is the manufacturer of the globally recognised market leading SilverSkin™ range of pallet covers.