Container Liners

Developed as an alternative to transporting temperature sensitive cargo in ocean reefers, Softbox SilverSkin™ shipping container liners are designed to minimise the risk of temperature differentials occurring when shipping temperature sensitive products via ocean container.

By creating a thermal barrier inside the shipping container Softbox SilverSkin™ container liners provide an insulating barrier against UV radiation and exposure to windchill during shipping. Additionally they also help significantly reduce the risk of condensation forming inside the container during transport.

Manufactured from high performance insulation materials Softbox SilverSkin™ container liners ensure repeatable thermal protection for your temperature sensitive ocean freight shipments.

Container Liners Features

Temperature protection

Minimal Storage requirements

Reduces Container Rain

Reflects infrared radiation

Available for all Container Sizes

Protects during on and off-loading

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Container Liners Material Range

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Softbox® SilverSkin™ Thermal covers are recognised market leading range of pallet covers, container liners and other temperature protective solutions