Chemicals - Insulated solutions for temperature sensitive products

Protecting temperature sensitive chemicals during shipping.

Softbox® SilverSkin™ thermal covers for chemicals help protect temperature sensitive chemicals and paints from freezing or exceeding upper temperature limits during shipping whether shipping by Air, Sea or Road.

Softbox® SilverSkin™ has a number of thermal insulation solutions to protect temperature sensitive chemical freight including powders, reagents, ink and paints against the damaging effects of temperature exposure.

Insulated Drum Covers

We offer a range of pre-formed insulating solutions in varying material formats and thicknesses to suit both single and palletized multi drum consignments shipped over short, medium and long haul routes.

Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Protection

IBC containers can be thermally protected during shipping by using our Softbox SilverSkin™ pre-formed insulated IBC covers or pre-cut kits for self-assembly.

Insulated Air Cargo Protection

Softbox® SilverSkin™ Air cargo thermal covers comprise a range of air cargo thermal protection systems: 

  • Insulated Ramp Covers – Designed for over the net ramp use only.
  • Air Cargo Thermal Covers – Pre-formed PMC / PAG cookie sheet covers /blankets.
  • Thermally Insulating Rolls – Under the net insulation material which can be cut to size to fit varying pallet configurations for under the net transport.

Example Chemical Freight Protection Products

Drum Covers

Drum Covers

Pallet Covers

Pallet Covers

Air Cargo Covers

Air Cargo

Container Liners

Air, Land, Sea Container

For more information on pricing, availability and performance, contact us today.

For more information on products, performance, availability and pricing, contact us now.

Softbox® SilverSkin™ Thermal covers are recognised market leading range of pallet covers, container liners and other temperature protective solutions