Case Studies

Read in depth about the challanges we solve

Case Studies

Read in depth about the challanges we solve

Thermal Covers & X-Ray Equipment in Logistics

TP3 Global carried out testing to explore if there was any impact on x-ray images when reflective foil thermal covers were used over pallets during the customs process.

Land/Truck Freight Protection, Ambient Pharmaceutical – Large International Pharmaceutical Company

In this case study, covers are predominately used in large land mass countries (e.g. USA) where durations of transportation can be over many days. Covered trucks generally operating within safe ambient conditions but exposed to some temperature spikes. Thermal covers placed over pallets help prevent the goods from reaching 40°C.

Actavis Global Pharmaceuticals : Controlled Ambient Pharmaceutical / GDP Compliance Required / Air Freight Protection

The majority of the supply chain is often within safe temperature limits i.e. protected in warehouse, truck, aircraft. The main threat is on the airport ramp before and after off-loading. This can be for only a few hours, so lower levels of protection required. A range of thermal covers used for a variety of size and configuration of pallets, some skid (Euro/UK/USA).

Pfizer: Sea Freight Protection, Chilled 2-8C Pharmaceutical (Secondary Protection)

Reefer containers are prone to exceeding temperature limits when unplugged during dock loading and unloading. Thermal covers used over pallets in reefers give added protection during these power-off time, eliminating excursions previously encountered.

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